Date and time
Saturday, December 4, 2021, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm EST
Online Event
Sponsored by OrigamiUSA
Exhibition or includes an exhibition
Fee required

Origami enthusiasts of all ages and folding experiences are invited to participate in the mutual teaching of new and favorite old models. We will also find some time for those who want to share examples of their recent works.

Prepare for the session: On Saturday morning you will find instructions to prepare for the session (type and size of paper, any pre-folding recommended before the session, etc.) by clicking on the following link: is external)

If you would like to teach at this (or a future) session, please select a model that can be taught to a beginning/intermediate origamist in 20-40 minutes. Send the following information to pmyers [at] sends e-mail) & arnoldtubis [at] sends e-mail) as soon as possible: Instructor, Name of the Model, Model Designer, Picture(s) of the Model, Materials needed (paper size/thickness/shape, scissors, etc.), Recommended preparation before the session (pre-folding 8x8 grids/simple modules, etc.), Amount of time needed at the meeting, Other information.