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Title Author/Creator Regular price Member price
2015 Origami Collection [pdf] Various $21.00 $18.90
hahaha! your browser sucks Origami Mimic [pdf] Shimel $1.50 $1.35
The Paper Issue 118 (Winter 2015) [pdf] Various $5.00 $2.00
origami man, simple model Little man [pdf] sukharevska $1.60 $1.44
eagle from dollar Dollar eagle vulture [pdf] sukharevska $1.60 $1.44
origami house House [pdf] Stephens $1.25 $1.13
Origam tea pot, Origami gift bag Tea Pot Gift Bag [pdf] Stephens $2.25 $2.03
Origami Cheerleader Outfit, Origami Tennis Outfit, Origami Ice Skating Outfit Varsity Cheerleader/Tennis/Ice Skating Outfit [pdf] Stephens $2.50 $2.25
Origami church Church [pdf] Stephens $1.25 $1.13
Origami cruise ship, origami boat Cruise Ship [pdf] Stephens $1.95 $1.76
Origami dress, shoes, purse “Spring Fling” – An Origami Dress with “Slides” and Clutch Purse [pdf] Stephens $3.95 $3.56
Origami Jack Rabbit, Origami rabbit, Origami bunny Jack Rabbit [pdf] Stephens $2.25 $2.03
Origami bathing suit, Origami Transformer 50’s & 80’s Style Bathing Suits – An Origami Transformer [pdf] Stephens $1.95 $1.76
Origami heart Transformed In Love - A Tribute to Maya Angelou [pdf] Stephens $2.25 $2.03
Origami Wedding Dress Wedding Dress [pdf] Stephens $2.50 $2.25
basket for gift Basket [pdf] sukharevska $1.85 $1.67
Origami Trowel [pdf] van der Meij $1.00 $0.90
Origami cross variation 3 (line drawing) Cross variation 3 with printable pattern [pdf] Green $2.30 $2.07
Super easy modular triangle kusudama / polyhedron / icosidodecahedron [pdf] van der Meij $2.00 $1.80
jet fighter model Jet fighter [pdf] sukharevska $2.00 $1.80