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Title Author/Creator Regular price Member price
basket for gift Basket [pdf] sukharevska $1.85 $1.67
Origami Trowel [pdf] van der Meij $1.00 $0.90
Origami cross variation 3 (line drawing) Cross variation 3 with printable pattern [pdf] Green $2.30 $2.07
Super easy modular triangle kusudama / polyhedron / icosidodecahedron [pdf] van der Meij $2.00 $1.80
jet fighter model Jet fighter [pdf] sukharevska $2.00 $1.80
pagoda box pagoda box [pdf] sukharevsky $1.00 $0.90
pagoda on the envelope Pagoda on the envelope [pdf] sukharevska $1.50 $1.35
Sailboat - A ReMake of OUSA logo Sailboat - A ReMake of OUSA logo [pdf] Oka $2.00 $1.80
simple dollar butterfly in only 6 steps Dollar butterfly [pdf] sukharevska $1.30 $1.17
cross variation 2, front, version "a" Cross variation 2 with printable pattern [pdf] Green $2.30 $2.07
envelope for holiday, for giving a gift, money inside Envelope with a flower for money [pdf] sukharevska $2.00 $1.80
envelope with iris for giving a gift Iris on the envelope for gift and money [pdf] sukharevska $1.30 $1.17
Simply Dinos Vol. 1 [pdf] Bachis $10.00 $9.00
Origami cross variation 1 Cross variation 1 with printable patterned paper [pdf] Green $2.00 $1.80
simple money duck Dollar duck [pdf] Sukharevska $1.30 $1.17
a bag for gift the closed bag [pdf] sukharevska $2.00 $1.80
real hat on the head samurai helmet [pdf] sukharevska $2.00 $1.80
simple package for gift Package for popcorn [pdf] sukharevska $1.90 $1.71
Achatina snail snail [pdf] sukharevska $2.00 $1.80
Great Icosahedron [pdf] Lucas $2.99 $2.69