Origami Greetings

Cover of the book

Minimalistic Origami - Works of Paulius Mielinis [pdf]

African Elephant Origami MArc Kirschenbaum

African Elephant [pdf]

Cat origami Marc Kirschenbaum

Cat [pdf]

Dog origami Marc Kirschenbaum

Dog [pdf]

Plesiosaurus - Paulius Mielinis

Plesiosaurus - Paulius Mielinis [pdf]

human skeleton kirschnebaum origami

Skeleton [pdf]

Pumpkin Kirschenbaum

Pumpkin [pdf]

Tyrannosaurus rex Skeleton Origami Kirschenbaum

Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton [pdf]

Giant Panda Kirschenbaum Origami

Giant Panda [pdf]

Praying Mantis - Paulius Mielinis

Praying Mantis - Paulius Mielinis [pdf]

Clover Leaves

Clover Leaf [pdf]

Pureland Eagle Kirschenbaum

Pureland Eagle [pdf]

Pureland T-rex Kirschenbaum

Pureland T-rex [pdf]

Raccoon Kirschenbaum

Raccoon [pdf]

Reindeer Kirschenbaum

Reindeer [pdf]

T-rex Kirschenbaum

T-rex [pdf]


Crane Nest [pdf]


Toucan [pdf]

Star of Bethlehem

Christmas Star (Star of Bethlehem) [pdf]