Chiyogami Collection Set

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Chiyogami paper in 8.5 x 11" sheets. 5 sheets per package. Paper is folded in the package so that each sheet can be seen, so there will be a slight crease. Comes in various designs:

Floral: flower patterns available in red or blue tones

Geometric: available in blue, red or geometric stripe tones

Holiday: available in blue and silver tones or red and green tones

Nature: Flowers, leaves and animals, available in blue/yellow tones, green tones, or light blue tones

Japanese Traditional: Traditional Japanese patterns. Available in blue, green, or red tones.

CLEARANCE — Orders will be accepted until product is gone. Please don't order more than the quantity remaining, which is: Floral Blue (0), Floral Red (4), Geometric Blue (2), Geometric Lines (2), Geometric Red (1), Holiday Blue (5), Holiday Red (2), Nature Blue Red (4), Nature Green (4), Nature Light Blue (4), Traditional Blue (0), Traditional Green (6), Traditional Red (3)