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Save money by ordering the book and the paper together! This package includes:

Origami Bonsai
Create beautiful arrangements by following the instructions for folding flowers and leaves and gluing them to natural or wired branches to create realistic bonsai. Clear folding instructions, and detailed descriptions of coloring the flowers and leaves, graduating sizes to create an illusion of depth, and choosing appropriate branches and stones. Many gorgeous, full-color photos of finished projects for inspiration. The included DVD has three bonus flowers not in the book. 112 pp. HC + DVD. (I)


Bonsai Paper Sampler
Earth-friendly, chlorine-free paper that is printed on both sides in patterns designed to make beautiful folded flowers or unique tessellations. Package includes six sheets meant to be cut into 4 parts, 9 sheets meant to be cut into 16 parts, and 3 sheets in leaf green with different shades on the front and back to make realistic leaves. This unique package will give you 168 flowers in two different sizes. Using the sheets uncut makes tessellations with interesting patterns on each unit.