Origami Fish and Other Sea Creatures

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This origami fish kit includes 60 sheets of 17 cm folding paper and a 64-page instruction book with colored diagrammed instructions. Each model has a difficulty rating from easy to difficult. There is also a Step-by Step Online Video Tutorial for assistance, if needed. There are 20 projects designed by Robert Lang, John Montroll, Marc Kirschenbaum, Steven Palmer, Rob Snyder, Viviane Berty and many others. Projects include: Fish Silhouette, Simple Fish, Multiform Fish, Pureland Fish, Bubble Fish, 3D Fish, Goldfish, Telescope Goldfish, Angel Fish, Flatfish, Clownfish, Carp, Swimming Fish, Moray Eel, Banded Angelfish, Fish Bones, Shark, Manta Ray, Koi Carp, Puffer Fish 64 pages PB (S-HI)

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