The Origami Garden

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Over 30 models of Seeds and Plants (Easy Rose, Seedlings in a Pot, Cactus in a Pot, Nuts in a Bowl, Hydrangea, Four-petal Blossom, Balloon Flowers, Pine Tree and Palm Leaf), Flowers (Classic Lily, Calla Lily, Water Lily, Tulip, Rose with Stem and Calyx, Fuchsia, Bunch of Flowers), Fruit and Vegetables (Mushroom, Strawberry, Pear, Tomato, and Chili Pepper) and Garden Life (Bird, Butterfly, Frog and Snail). Unique to this book are some pots with a paper “dirt” insert for holding an easy leaf and stalk system allowing you to arrange and display your peaceful garden. Book includes 32 sheets of print and solid duo paper. Large, clear color diagrams with text explanations for each step, beautiful full color pictures of finished models for inspiration. 128 pp. PB. (I)