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Ingenious shadowbox frames made from 2 or 4 modules that interconnect securely without any glue. These frames are perfect for displaying origami models, photos, paintings, or small treasures. They can stand on a table or can be hung on a wall. Instructions are provided for 10 original designs, branching into 20+ variations, including deep and shallow frames with profiles such as 1:2 rectangle, square, equilateral triangle, right triangle, isosceles trapezoid, right trapezoid and stair-.step. Learn how to fold variations of each design, customize frames to your liking and add relevant back pieces. Book includes 640 detailed step-by-step colorful diagrams with written instructions as well as 175 photos of examples of completed frames. For each model, there are recommendations on paper type and size (including Letter and A4 formats) with indication of the size of the completed model. 128 pp. PB. (I-C)