A lattice of bricks, with each brick offset clockwise from the next one over.
Red folding of Semi-adjacent Rectangles, glide, on a white background
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Creator: Madonna Yoder

Diagrammer: Madonna Yoder

Created in April 2020 as part of the expanded tilings series. This pattern is isoarea and the opposite rotation directions appear on either side of the finished tessellation. This pattern will finish rectangular if you start with a square.

Crease pattern shows many repeats of the motif on a 32-fold grid. Red lines represent mountain folds and blue dashed lines represent valley folds. You can choose to fold this with the rectangles on grid lines (as pictured) or on diagonals. A 45-degree grid will prevent all precreasing. If you're using a square grid, the collapse is easiest if the rectangles are on the grid.

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Madonna Yoder