Four smocked patterns in satin, focusing on twist motifs
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Creator: Madonna Yoder

Diagrammer: Madonna Yoder

This bundle includes the Hexagon Twists and Bars, Clover Twists, Pebble Twists, and Square Twists and Bars patterns, which (except for Clover Twists) have been translated into fabric from flagstone origami tessellations.

The pattern is copied onto fabric and then the connected points are stitched together. There is no folding involved, but this method can be used to emulate many origami tessellations. This technique has been called North American Smocking, Canadian Smocking, Lattice Smocking, Italian Smocking, and American Smocking. It is not the same as English Smocking, which embroiders patterns on top of pleated fabric (and is more common). Instructions and links to further tutorials are included with the patterns.

Various origami artists have explored the connection with smocking before, including Chris Palmer (Shadowfolds), Robin Scholz and Adrienne Sack.

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