Special - Deluxe Duo Tissue Foil

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Handmade duo tissue foil – 2 deluxe and 4 special tissue foil sheets in each package. This paper is produced to minimize wrinkles and each sheet and package is unique. For the deluxe paper, the primary color has a pearl finish with the secondary color having a metallic or mottled color. For the special paper, the primary color has a metallic or mottled effect with the secondary color having a plain matte finish. Paper is slightly thicker than other tissue foil on the site, yet folds and holds shapes very well. These 24 cm (~9.5 inches) sheets provide a vivid canvas for working on models or can be cut down if desired. Caution and care should be taken if trying complex or higher models as the thickness of the paper may not take well to color changes or tight reverse folds.
Deluxe Colors:
Black Pearl - Dark Gold
Green Tea Pearl - Emerald Green
Copper Pearl - Mottled Beige
Navy Pearl - Turquoise
Bronze Pearl - Terracotta
Black Pearl - Plum
Light Gold Pearl - Yellow
Copper Pearl - Rust
Gold Bronze - Sienna
Rose Pearl - Ruby Red

Special Colors
Beetroot - Claret
Light Gold - Mustard
Emerald Green - Brown
Light Mottled Beige - Ivory
Ruby Red - Mulberry
Olive Green - Bottle Green
Navy Blue - Royal Blue
Rust - Sandstone
Ash Black - Black
Terracotta - Sandstone

Since this is a limited quantity, handmade product, we may run out of stock for periods of time – therefore this product will always be listed as clearance to prevent backorders.

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