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Registration is now open for Origami Connect Summer/Fall 2019. We're offering 5 great classes! Register here.

Origami Connect General Information

Origami Connect is OrigamiUSA’s program of online classes, which are open to anyone anywhere in the world, whether or not you are a member of OrigamiUSA; all you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone. An Origami Connect class is a live, interactive session with an origami artist, teacher, or technician. Our sessions are around 2 hours long and streamed live through the internet.

The mission of Origami Connect is to:

  • Provide opportunities to participate at-a-distance, especially for our members who are not near a Community Origami Group or convention. This will include Online Origami Classes and events.
  • Bring together our members nationally and globally
  • Increase the interconnections in our origami community
  • Facilitate more person-to-person interactions

All Origami Connect presenters are experienced artists, folders, and/or teachers, and all Origami Connect events include a facilitator.