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Registration is now open for Origami Connect Winter+Spring 2019. We're offering 7 great classes! Register here.

Origami Connect - How to Connect

Online: You will be given instructions and a link to connect to events via the internet when you register. You will receive an email with details, guidelines and instructions on how to attend the class.

Equipment Needed: You will need a computer connected to the Internet and a browser that supports the web-conferencing platform (test instructions will be included in the email).

Viewing the live sessions on an iPhone or iPad:

Viewing the recording on iPad: download the Puffin Browser App. Make sure to enable “Ignore Mute Switch” in Puffin’s settings, so that you can hear the sound.

Interactive: You will have the option to ask questions of the instructor and interact with the other class attendees via the ‘chat.’

Real Time: You will experience the event as it is happening. If you live in a time zone that makes it impossible to attend, you can register and receive a recording of the event.

Fees: $10/event/connection. Invite friends to join you and enjoy the event together!

Anyone is eligible to attend! You do not need to be a member of OrigamiUSA to register for an event.

Registration: You will receive an email confirming your registration then a few days prior to the event you will be sent a link to the event. If you did not receive an email confirming your registration, you did not successfully register. If you have any questions or problems with your registration, please contact use at origamiconnect [at]