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What are the content guidelines for posting to the list?

Really, anything about origami in general or OrigamiUSA in particular is appropriate. That would include tips, techniques, local meetings, exhibitions, and general Q&A about origami matters. Postings of a mildly commercial nature (e. g. non-OrigamiUSA product or publication announcements, etc.) are acceptable if they are occasional and are of sufficiently wide interest to OrigamiUSA members. Do make sure that your posting is something that would be of interest to a range of people: one-on-one conversations between individuals often are not, and should be taken off-list.

Also, if you have a question specifically about the organization, please consider whether one of the specific email addresses on our contact page might be more appropriate. While OrigamiUSA volunteers often post on the list and monitor it, you're likely to get a quicker and better response if you send it to the right person directly. Of course, questions whose answer would be of broad interest are always welcome on the list.

Please do not post bare links to other web pages with no discussion. For one thing, some ISPs automatically flag such emails as spam. At the very least, please add a few sentences to the body of your message explaining why you found this significant and/or why you're recommending it.

In general, follow the Golden Rule: do as to others as you would have done to you. Be polite, give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and recognize that sometimes you need to agree to disagree with someone and no amount of discussion will ever resolve a difference of opinion.