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What level class should I take?

  • BEGINNERS – If you have never folded before, we recommend you take the Family Fun class, which will help you learn some of the basics and terminology.
  • SIMPLE – These classes are for folders who have had a beginner folding experience with OrigamiUSA or elsewhere.
  • LOW INTERMEDIATE - These classes are for folders who have done some folding, know some terminology and can do an inside reverse fold. One should know how to fold a water bomb base and a preliminary base.
  • INTERMEDIATE - To take an intermediate class, you should know how to fold a bird base from memory, and be good at inside reverse folds, outside reverse folds, and sink folds.
  • HIGH INTERMEDIATE - To take a high intermediate class, you should be comfortable folding double rabbit ears, crimps, double open sinks and stretching a bird base.
  • COMPLEX - To take a complex class you should be an experienced folder, be able to do all the types of folds mentioned in the intermediate levels, be comfortable folding from diagrams, and be able to follow intricate sequences of precise moves.


  • Anything above the Simple level, one should be familiar with origami terminology, various folds and the bases.
  • Keep in mind the types of models you are familiar with and let that guide you. For example, you might be at the complex level for modulars, but an intermediate level for animals.
  • DON'T GET IN OVER YOUR HEAD! Take a class that best fits with your current level of folding experience.