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What is the policy about formatting, quoting, and attachments?

Quoting. Since people can receive their email in digest form, which is awkward to read when people top-post in their reply, please always (a) trim quoted emails to just the bit that's relevant to your message, and (b) post your response below the quoted part. This is the same policy that Origami-L uses (and we use it for the same reason).

HTML formatting. You can, if you wish, use HTML formatting (colors and fonts) if you wish to further distinguish quoted from new text. Please be aware that some people may not see the formatting, however, depending on their email application, so do consider at least creating some blank space or other separating between quoted material and your text. If you like, you can interleave quoted and new material.

Linking is better than embedding. To share an image or other content, please consider posting it online and sending a link to the list, rather than embedding a large picture or attachment in your email. You can send small (<1 MB) attachments if you must. Please send sparingly - we want the list to be easy to read and download for everyone, everywhere, regardless of local network speeds, etc.

Remember that there are uncountable numbers of different email applications in use, and no one format will look great everywhere, under all circumstances. Keep your messages as simply structured as possible, and keep in mind that some list members may read them in plain text format, without colors and fonts.