Diagrams: A Modular Gift Box with a Square Base

by Arsalan Wares
Edited by Jane Rosemarin

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This is a lovely box. Is the measuring sheet necessary? I folded the box by dividing the rectangular sheets into thirds. It worked beautifully. Also why are the pdf instructions not a uniform set of drawings? Odd to have instructions start off as drawings and end up as photographs. Note that the word "emerging" is used when the word "immersing" is intended. "It is about immersing oneself..." I really enjoyed folding this box!

The measurement sheet adds some flexibility. The box you made has different dimensions than the one shown here. It's probably just as good. The measurement sheet makes the math more interesting as well.

Thank you for catching the typo. Hopefully it will be fixed.

Thanks for pointing out the typo. It's fixed. The PDF diagrams were meant to be a reminder of how to fold the box rather than the primary instructions. Arsalan originally submitted the text and the video. The diagrams were compiled by me from the material on hand: Arsalan's drawings, and, where there were none, from screen shots of the video. - Jane Rosemarin, managing editor.

Great box! Just wanted to bring to your attention a small error in the diagrams text. In step 1 (3), it says fold right edge to center, when it should say fold right edge to fold made in previous step 1 (2).

Excellent box! Thanks so much for sharing!

Error Fixed! Thank you!