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by Jane Rosemarin (MN)
Ioana Stoian's second book again proves the beauty of simplicity. The models included are a mix of her own designs, that of others, and traditional ones.
While folding with this paper can be challenging, the results are stunning due to the paper's beautiful texture.
This paper has a beautiful texture. As to how it folds? In summary: like Elephant Hide, just thinner!
This paper has a beautiful texture, but comes at a price. While it's great for intermediate models, it's too thick for complex ones.
This time we're testing Rhinoceros Hide! It stays true to its name, showing it doesn't just look good in animal models, but also folds well. More surprisingly, it's a nice option for larger tessellations, too.
This paper's beautiful texture is an absolute eye-catcher. Its properties make it perfect for 3D shaping, as well as models of intermediate complexity.
Golden River (aka "Leather Paper") is the third Japanese paper in our mini series. Its beautiful texture is beautiful, but not its only selling point!
Biotope is the second paper we are reviewing in our mini series of Japanese papers. It's very versatile!
This article, as well as the next five, are dedicated to Japanese papers. First up: the iridescent paper Karaperapisu!
In this review we are taking a closer look at O-Gami by Paper Circle, a paper specifically designed for complex origami models. Read here whether it meets the brief.
In this special paper review Giang Dinh, Beth Johnson and Robert Lang share their favorite paper for some of their designs.
Only a few people seem to have folded with Clean Room Paper, but especially for intermediate models it is a serious contender.
We tested Elephant Hide by Zanders in our first review. This time it's Efalin, also by Zanders. Read the review to see how this strong paper held up in our review.
by Sjaak Adriaanse
Paper hoarders will appreciate this nifty tool for cutting leftover pieces of paper into common size ratios like 4 by 3, Golden and Silver rectangles, or the ratio of the dollar bill.
When you think about handmade papers, three names come to mind: Origamido, Unryu, and Lokta. We had already reviewed the first two, so it was time to complete the trio.
A report of the BOS Autumn 2013 Convention, Aug 30th - Sept 1st 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland
Bible paper is thin, made to be handled excessively, and last for a long time. Read here whether it's also good for folding.
An interview with paper artist Hilli Zenz, who also paints paper to produce unique origami models
I have always truly and deeply loved Michael LaFosse's butterflies. This new publication presents them beautifully, in my opinion a must-buy!
Recommended by Satoshi Kamiya and Origami House, Sato Gami was definitely a paper we had to review. Did it live up to its expectations?