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This wonderful new book stays true to its subtitle: its simple elegance and attention to detail quickly captured my heart, just as I believe it will many of yours!
In the search for a translucent paper we came across glassine by Modulor.
Liliana Badillo interviewed Sara Adams, who is probably best known for her instructional origami videos.
This review is a bit different. We tested different ways of preparing Unryu before folding different animals from the resulting sheets.
Liliana Badillo spoke about many interesting things with Tom Hull, such as his experience in designing modular origami, his inspiration, and the way he uses origami for teaching mathematics.
You may well never heard of this paper, let alone folded with it. This review will reveal that it's definitely a paper you should try out - and soon!
Diagrams for a modular star "Hilli" by Klaus-Dieter Ennen, as well as video instructions by Sara Adams
Diagrams for Patricia Crawford's Dragonfly, as well as an on article how key models often inspire multiple designers.
by David Lister with a foreword by J.C. Nolan
This article gives insight into how a dragonfly, which was diagrammed in "Kan no Mado" presumably around 1845, made its way into Western publications.
by Talo Kawasaki and Sara Adams
This action model is great for Halloween - and it's a double action: the bat flaps its wings, and produces quite some noise!
In this 12th paper review, we'll look at the one paper best known as origami paper: kami, namely from Jong ie Nara.
Ask non-origami people about paper mills, and someone will mention Fabriano. But do they also produce paper suitable for origami? Read our review on Ingres to find out.
Diagrams for the model Six Intersecting Pentagrams, plus an article on its history.
Tessellations have become increasingly popular in origami. But it's not always easy to get started. This article introduces some videos that can help you on the way.
Tomoko Fuse's newest book is exquisite and all about spirals!
Eyal Reuveni reviews all 10 papers that Ilan Garibi and Gadi Vishne previously tested by folding Hideo Komatsu's lion from each paper type.
Nicolas Terry offers Tissue Foil in his online shop. Read here how it stood up to our tests! A small hint: you will not be disappointed when folding with this paper.
Originally developed to minimize paper weight for air mail, Onion Skin paper offers many advantages for use in origami.
In this review we'll have a closer look at Kraft paper. If you are into complex folds, this might just be the perfect paper for your test folds.
This last article in my video creation guide concentrates on three final tasks: adding subtitles, making your video available to others, and finally, advertising your video.