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This time we're reviewing Crumpled Paper, which was introduced to the origami community by VOG. The unique texture of this paper makes it an absolute gem as it does not hinder the folding process for many types of models!
This time we're reviewing Stardream. It may be a less known paper, but after reading this article you'll want to give it a try!
This time it's all about Origamido®. It's a unique paper Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander make specifically for origami.
Ilan Garibi describes the paper making process for Kozo - from tree to finished sheet. He had the unique opportunity of doing a workshop at Tut Neyar in Israel.
Have you ever wondered how printer paper is produced? This article gives a unique insight into how cellulose is transformed into paper at Hadera Paper Mill, Israel.
The fourth installment of a series reviewing types of paper for folding. This article reviews printing paper, probably the most widely available paper out there.
This article gives some guidelines to follow when recording an instructional video.
The third installment of a series reviewing types of paper for folding. This article reviews Japanese Foil paper, which is especially suitable for more advanced folds, such as insects.
This article will describe how to best prepare yourself and your recording area for your video shoot.
This article gives a nice overview of the types of tessellations there are, and how to create one yourself.
This article compares the advantages and disadvantages of PDF diagrams and video instructions. It includes PDF and video diagrams for the models "Lovers Ring" by Francis Ow, and "Will you be my Valentine?" by Stacy Mannes.
Why you should ask for permission when making video diagrams? And how do I go about it? I'll try to answer these two questions in this article.
Instructional origami videos are becoming more and more popular. But how are high-quality videos produced? This is the first of a series of articles that will give a comprehensive guide on what it takes.