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These are articles posted by The Fold editor (who may or may not be the author; see byline for authorship). The Fold is the online magazine for members of OrigamiUSA. New articles are posted continuously over the two month period of each issue. To contribute to The Fold or for other questions, please see our FAQ.
Paolo Bascetta presents us with a creative, new Sierpinski 3D fractal created by stacking.
Paul Jackson celebrates the Year of the Dog by contributing Barking Dog 1, an action model.
For those who were not able to meet Viviane Berty as a special guest at the 2018 OrigamiUSA Convention, here is a gift from Viviane!
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Here are diagrams for Stella Lefty by Francisco Mancini, taught by Char Morrow at the 2018 OrigamiUSA Convention.
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Continuing the celebration of The Year of the Dog, Edwin Corrie offers two diagrams for a dog and a puppy.
by Brians Tjipto
To celebrate the Golden Dog Year, Brians Tjipto designed a dog in various poses.
Francesco Mancini presents us with a simple rocking rabbit for Easter and spring.
João Charrua contributes to the continuing celebration of the Year of the Dog by offering us diagrams for a simple dog.
As part of our year-long celebration of the Year of the Dog, Giang Dinh contributes a model of a dreaming dog.
A Tribute to David Lister is a labor of love by Nick Robinson, who invites us to become better acquainted with a giant in the history of British Origami Society (BOS).
Nick Robinson, Mark Kennedy's friend since the 1980s, shares his reminiscences.
by The Origami Community around the World
This article lists but a small sampling of the tributes to Mark Kennedy, who died on Sunday, 18 February 2018.
by OrigamiUSA Board of Directors
The Board of OrigamiUSA presents the 2018 Michael Shall Volunteer Award to Mark Kennedy.
by Richard Alexander, diagrams by Michael LaFosse
Not only does Richard Alexander share his diagrams for Kanji the Dog, but he and Michael LaFosse also present us with an instructional video and a printout of Kanji you can fold to celebrate Lunar New Year of the Dog!
Tuan Tu Nguyen shares a series of dogs he designed in celebration of the 2018 Lunar Year of the Dog along with diagrams for a simple reclining dog.
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Nicolas Terry offer members only an opportunity to fold Chien Tim in celebration of Lunar New Year of the Dog: a complex model for those of you seeking a challenge.
by Nobuko Okabe
In celebration of Lunar New Year of the Dog, Nobuko Okabe offers us diagrams for a puppy you can make your own!
Here is a beautiful and realistic poppy from Eric Vigier to help start off the New Year.
by Nobuko Okabe
Nobuko Okabe presents a spinner made from one square.
For those folks who select travel destinations based upon the existence of origami groups, you now can add Benin to your list of destinations.