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These are articles posted by The Fold editor (who may or may not be the author; see byline for authorship). The Fold is the online magazine for members of OrigamiUSA. New articles are posted continuously over the two month period of each issue. To contribute to The Fold or for other questions, please see our FAQ.
by Nobuko Okabe
Nobuko Okabe presents a spinner made from one square.
For those folks who select travel destinations based upon the existence of origami groups, you now can add Benin to your list of destinations.
Francesco Mancini offers another simple Santa Claus in time for Christmas.
Alessandro Beber presents us with a simple origami version of the Penrose triangle: "impossibility in its purest form."
Viviane Berty describes the inner joy of origami design and the beauty of origami designs that gives prominence to the paper and its texture.
The Japan Information & Culture Center (JICC) celebrates World Origami Days (WOD) with an exhibition, Unfolding the Universe (6 September–27 October, 2017) and a guest lecture by Erik Demaine.
Winnie Leung provides instructions for building a steam engine and offers to equip you with the necessary paper tickets.
If you enjoy a relaxed, informal approach to conventions – and speak Polish – you may wish to join the next Polish Origami Society Convention.
Should you visit San Diego, CA, on the first Saturday of each month, you can join the meeting of the Greater San Diego Origami Group.
Paolo Bascetta presents us with one of his favorite modular designs.
Kate Lukasheva offers a very interesting Q&A on pre-scoring machines.
by Andrew Hudson
Here are diagrams of a very cute cat by Andrew Hudson.
Here is an article on Eric Vigier's experience in teaching a daily after-school origami class.
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Here is Distorta2016 by Alessandro Beber.
If you visit Indonesia, you will have a number of origami groups to visit, as described by Linda Lookman Marlina.
For your enjoyment, here are photos from a small exhibition of Tomoko Fuse's art at the Tsunagu Gallery in Tokyo.
Francesco Mancini offers us a simple tulip to fold for spring and discusses how he and Gay Merrill Gross were inspired independently to create the same model.
Here are some crease patterns for a number of Alessandro Beber's beautiful high intermediate creations.
Here are diagrams for a cat by Eric Vigier, for you to modify using your imagination.
Enjoy a few photos from Chimei Museum's exhibition Origami Universe, presented by curators extraordinaire Bernie Peyton and Uyen Ngyuen.