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OrigamiUSA publishes two magazines: The Fold (online) and The Paper (print). Each has different articles. Members enjoy the full content of The Fold online and receive The Paper by mail.

Contributions to The Paper from members—whether news, origami sightings, diagrams or articles—are always welcomed! Please use our online submission form to submit material and give permission for publication.

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The Paper Issue 123 (Winter 2017)

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32 pages
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  • Origami Dinosaurs Among Us, by Talo Kawasaki 4-6
  • The Met Meets OrigamiUSA 9
  • Lisa's Path to Paperfolding, by Lisa Corfman 10
  • OrigamiConnect Circles the Globe, by Patty Grodner 11-13
  • The 78,564 Elephants in the Room, by Wendy Zeichner 14-16
  • Origami Colombia Celebrates their Porcelain Wedding, by Thomas Crain 20-21
  • Teaching Her Super-Duper Collapsible Gift Box, by Karen Reeds 28-29

From The Home-Office

  • Letter from the President 3
  • Volunteers for the 2016 Holiday Tree and Annual Gift 7-9
  • Obituaries: John Lapko and Marsha DuPre 27
  • A Note from Serena LaVine 29
  • News from The Source 30-31
  • Calendar 32


  • Realmente Elefácil, by Enrique Martínez, simplified version by Gay Merrill Gross 17-19
  • Star of David Models from Rectangular Strips, by Arnold Tubis 22-26