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Advance Class Ticketing Manager

Event(s): OrigamiUSA Convention and PCOC Conference

Committee Chair: Convention: Jan Polish; PCOC: Patty Grodner

Submitted by: Serena LaVine

Area of the country: Anywhere

Attendance at Convention: Preferred but not required

Attendance at PCOC: Preferred but not required

Job Description: 

Online class ticketing was introduced into the OrigamiUSA convention in 2018, providing the opportunity for convention attendees to select their classes online before the convention starts. The job requires oversight and monitoring of this process, possibly with backup from a volunteer team. 

When attendees are entering their class requests, the manager will monitor the entries and deal with problems and questions.

The actual class assignments are generated by a computer algorithm. The manager will work with the web team to oversee this process and make any necessary adjustments.

Once the assignments are complete, attendees’ schedules are published and the list of attendees for each class is created. The most popular classes will be chosen to be set up for “overflow” classes held on Saturday night. These tasks are performed together with the convention committee.

Related on-site responsibilities include handling class cancellations, ensuring the setup of the Saturday night classes, entering on-site class registrations into the online system. Coordination with on-site personnel will be necessary here, especially if the ticketing manager is not attending the convention.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about some of the inner workings of the OrigamiUSA website and some of the behind-the-scenes effort that makes our annual Convention so special.

Job Skills Required or Desirable:

  • Comfortable with navigating the OrigamiUSA website or willing to “learn the ropes.”
  • Willing and able to become familiar with the user (attendee) and admin interfaces and functions for online ticketing.
  • Learning the basic logic behind setting up class requests and assignments.
  • Willing to troubleshoot problems and coach participants or assist them in setting up and understanding the procedures and the results of class requests and assignments.
  • Having the patience to work with people who may be confused by or dissatisfied with the new system.

Timeline and Effort:

Primary effort is during the last 3 weeks before the convention. There may also be some time required to participate in and/or oversee testing of new functionality in the weeks before the convention registration “go live” date. The actual number of hours will vary but oversight must be available to handle problems and monitor the process.

If you have questions: Please contact conv-committee [at]

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Convention and PCOC