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Paper Collating Party Manager

Job Description:

Each year as we prepare for Convention, we have a "Paper Collating Party" also known as "the PCP" that is held in early June at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) where we have our offices. The PCP is a "work party" during which we create the packets that are given to each attendee at the Annual Convention in New York City. The packets are called "Survival kits" because they contain everything to help you "survive" Convention which includes information and lots of paper to fold.

To apply for this job, you must be available to be at the AMNH on Sunday, June 9, 2019 from 9:00am to 5pm, the date and time for the 2019 PCP.

We are looking for a manager for this activity. 

Tasks for this job incude:

  • Inviting volunteers to attend the PCP.
  • Communicating with the Convention Committee and our Administrator regarding items to be included.
  • Helping to move supplies out of our storage area.
  • Set up workstations and assign volunteers to each task.
  • Helping to move finished kits back into out storage area.
  • Arranging for delivery of pizza for lunch at the event.


Requirments for this job:

Ability to manage and organize a small 1-day event (with approx. 30 volunteers).

Inspire volunteers to attend the PCP and join in the fun!

Willingness to do some moving of boxes and supplies (we do have some volunteers who are available for this, so you don't need to do it all, but there is definitely some moving things as part of this job).


Timeline and Effort:

Invitations to volunteers go out in early April.  Coodination with the Convention Committee and our Administrator happens in May. Most of the effort for the job happens on the day of the event which this year is June 9, 2019. There are no duties during the Convention and attendance at the Convention is not required.

If you have questions, contact conv-committee [at]


Convention Committee Chair: Jan Polish

OrigamiUSA Administrator: Andrea Brecker

Submitted by: Wendy Zeichner (Core Convention Committee)

New York City (AMNH)