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World Origami Days Ideas

Sharing is what makes Origami great. Here's a blog of suggestions for how to celebrate World Origami Days.

Thousand Cranes in the classroom

I am a student teacher and am planning to kick off our class study of the book "Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes" on Oct. 24 with a paper crane folding activity. I had this planned for this day even before I knew it was World Origami Day, so this is just great!

Teaching shapes with modulars

For World Origami Day I will teach my 4th grade class a modular 12 unit 1/3 single triangle box. I will teach each kid in my class and my teacher (that makes 24) how to make one unit. Then I will put it together to construct 2 of the 12 unit 1/3 single triangle box. That is my plan.

Nursing Home Ideas

I am a member of Origami USA and during the month of October I have plans to teach origami at a nursing home (which I did on 10/1), teach at a children's church program, and I am also bringing origami into the school where I teach for my fellow staff members. I bought a roll of newsprint for about a dollar from our local paper, and I taught the nursing home patients how to make samurai helmets. Using large squares of paper with them was very successful. They were able to fold the paper very easily. We decorated the hats with cut out flowers for the women and feathers for the men. This was an extremely successful project. For church I'll be doing the same thing with children between the ages of 3 and 8, and now all I need to do is find a Bible verse that goes well with a Japanese helmet!

Origami Workshops

I am very happy to cerebrate the World Origami Day! I will be organizing Origami Workshop for the Bronx Psychiatric Center not just for the patients but also the staff members through out the day. I will be organizing drop-in Origami Workshop at Hartley House, a community center at the Westside of the Manhattan from 5 to 7pm. Happy folding on World Origami Day!

Teaching Teachers in NJ

I'm thrilled to hear about World Origami Day. I am an avid folder and am currently working on doctoral research on Origami in the mathematics classroom. I work as an instructor at a local college and plan to celebrate World Origami Day in my college classes. Once a high school mathematics teacher I now instruct mathematics teaching methods to pre-service K-8 teachers. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce them into the world of Origami. I'm a firm believer that Origami is a powerful teaching tool, particularly in mathematics. I intend to show students the potential of Origami in the K-8 classroom by teaching them how to fold the dragon head! Norma Boakes- Mays Landing, NJ

Halloween/Harvest Pumpkins and Scriptures

I will give the orange cubic pumpkins I've made with the water bomb pattern along with green stems and curled tendrils. I already have printed out the scripture "The earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof" Psalm 24:1 in green ink on white paper and will show others how to make them.

That person who is going to make samurai helmets at church could use one of several scriptures: Ephesians 6:17 and 1 Thessalonians 5:8. Please don't use my name or e-mail address. Thanks for all these great ideas; I'm going to share them with our grandchildren and children.

Women's Retreat and Origami

The end of week of the 24th of October puts me on a women's retreat called Cursillo. In the talk that I am giving, I use a blank square piece of paper to show how we began the retreat. Just as the paper is bent this way and that, so to were we. Then the paper gets a sudden change, becoming a smaller square, just as we may have been changed by the events of Saturday night. I say that my talk is one of the finishing folds of the boat.

I put a completed drawing of the simple boat (like the OUSA icon) onto an overhead. It is numbered 806, as is the retreat. The boat, like our lives, are created by God the Father, we are piloted by Jesus, who is also our anchor, and our sails are filled with the breath of the Holy Spirit. I tell them that later, each one will receive a boat that I have folded for them. Each will be a different color, as each woman is a different person. I also tie Origami into Christian Action,! as I relate a four week course taught for an inter-generational Sunday School, where, together, we made a large Origami Noah's Ark, and animals.

Juliette Gordon Low

Origami at Church

I hope to be able to make an origami church (from Origami: 30 Stunning and Original Paper Creations by Paul Jackson) for each choir member at the church where I play and distribute them on Sunday morning. He calls it 'Building' but with the matte silver and gold double-sided paper I plan to use, it makes a wonderful stylized church. I hope to get a tag or something on them with the information about World Origami Day. And maybe a scripture, or something. I hope everything goes well. My Best, Portia Allbert

Making an informational display for W.O.D.

My son, Chris, and I are preparing an informational/instructional display for World Origami Day and "in appreciation of Mr. Gee, origami instructor". It will be in the library at my work site, a public school for 400 special education students ages 3 - 22. The principal is placing the information in our weekly log for all staff members. The display will include several projects that will have directions for people to try there or take with them, a sign-up sheet about potential interest in a "mini-course" for one specific project (that I learned at PCOC!), and a variety of many different types of origami items.