April 12, 2022

From the Board Meeting

The date of the Board Retreat has been finalized to take place on June 28-29, 2022 directly after the Convention.

Claudia Hill will be retiring from the Lending Library next year in June 2023. With more than a year's notice, we will be looking for a replacement.

From the Operating Committee Reports


This month (Total): 1652 Last month: 1721 Last Year: 1734

Online Members: This month: 625 Last month: 648 Last Year: 599


The four incumbent Board members will be candidates for the 2022 Election. Two candidate statements are currently posted; all are due by May 1, 2022. There are seven open positions.

Origami Collection

The contents of the 2022 Collection are being finalized. Targeting to have an image of the Table of Contents available by late April and the downloadable (web edition) of the book available by May 7th.

The Paper

Work on issue 138 is underway.

Online Presence

FoldFest 2022 and Origami Café pages are up and running. Most efforts right now are focusing on infrastructure and preparations for Convention 2022 The long-gestating development of new server infrastructure based on AWS has somewhat stalled, and we’re now starting to look into other options.


The Convention team planning is in full swing with the team meeting once a week. Registration is set to open on May 2, 2022.

Special Guests are: Quentin Trollop, Jeremy Shafer, Beth Johnson, Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander.

Highlights of Convention events:

  • TAROS (The Amazing Race Origami Style) on Friday evening.
  • Screening of "Origami In the Garden" on Saturday night at 9pm.
  • Oversize Folding on Sunday evening at 8pm.


The Scholarship Committee is in the process of getting information for previous scholarship winners to attend the in-person Convention in NYC.

Lending Library

Excerpts (2)

  • Fox Family by Nicolas Terry, OUSA Origami Collection 2021, New York: OUSA, 197-200.
  • Miura Ori Variation by Winnie Leung, Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA Conference (PCOC) 2021, San Francisco: OUSA, 144.

Video Management

The Video team is activated again. Blair Whitaker is working with Robert Lang and Brian Beitel on this effort.

The plans as currently discussed include:

  • Videos will be hosted on a private OrigamiUSA YouTube channel, where they are not discoverable by outsiders via search.
  • An interface on the OrigamiUSA website for searching and watching videos that is usable only by members.
  • Videos can be embedded on the OrigamiUSA website pages.

Social Media

Instagram Followers: +67 This Month: 6,263 Last month: 6,196

Facebook Followers: +4 This Month: 13,349 Last month: 13,345

Facebook Group Members: +5 This Month: 1,505 Last month: 1,500

Social media is being used to promote articles in The Fold, Origami Connect classes. news about the NY Convention and the new Origami Cafe series. The main focus this month has been promoting FoldFest which will continue through April then gears switch to focus on Convention.


Kevin and Jennifer Box are this year’s Temko Innovation Award winners. They plan to attend the Convention. Leyla Torres is the winner of this year’s Teacher Award.

Origami By Children

OBC has notified contest recipients by both email and mail. Winner images have been submitted to both Website team and The Paper. Winners will be notified of their updated OrigamiUSA membership status. Winning entries have been boxed in preparation for shipment for exhibition at the June 2022 Convention.