We'd like to hear from members (and potential members!) on any topic related to origami. Since we are a volunteer organization, our activities are dispersed among different people and committees. This page gives contact links for the most common inquiries.

Home Office (Membership questions, general information)

Contact: admin [at] origamiusa.org

Our Home Office is the center of OrigamiUSA activities, managed by Andrea Brecker, our administrator. If you have questions about membership, renewals, or just can't find the appropriate category, send her a note by clicking the link. Or, if you want to contact the Home Office via other methods, here's our mailing address and phone contacts:

15 West 77 Street
New York, NY 10024-5192
phone: (212) 769-5635
fax: (212) 769-5668

The Origami Source

Contact: origamisource [at] origamiusa.org

The Origami Source is our one-stop-shop for purchasing books, paper, and other origami supplies. Use the email link to send any questions about your order to The Origami Source manager, Heidi Lenney.

Calendar/Event Requests

Contact: calendar [at] origamiusa.org

To get an event or exhibition on our Calendar of Events, please send an email with a full description of the event to Faye Goldman, our Calendar coordinator.

OrigamiUSA Annual Convention in June

Contact: convention-info [at] origamiusa.org

The next convention on our calendar is the OrigamiUSA Annual Convention. Click here for information about the convention. If you have a question about the upcoming convention and/or would like to volunteer, use the email link to send an inquiry to the Convention Committee.


Problems with logging on? Having trouble finding or seeing something? Got a question that doesn't seem to fit any of the above? Here's three steps to getting answers:

  • First, if it pertains to an area of the organization not listed above, please check out our list of committees and their contact information to see if any of them fit your question.
  • Then, if all else fails, please contact our Home Office at admin [at] origamiusa.org and we'll try to direct your question to the right person. Please be as thorough in your description as possible; for example, if you're referring to a specific page, give the web address from your browser's menu bar. We'll try to help!