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by Laura Rozenberg1
In 1952, Gershon Legman, the origami pioneer, explored folding as therapy at a mental health clinic in Harlem.
A new book by Marc Kirschenbaum just in time for Halloween.
by Nachat Jatusriptak
A graceful crane with feathered wings.
A simple, decorative modular — best made from heavy, smooth paper — that slides to changes shape.
A nicely piggish dollar-bill design.
“Origami Fun and Games” features fun models for folders at every level. Learn more about this selection of models from Marc Kirschenbaum.
Two hieroglyphs from Anita’s Egyptian origami series.
An attractive new book from “the queen of stars.”
This simple pear with leaves can be modified to make other fruits.
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Michael La Fosse named this splendid butterfly for Wendy Zeichner, the CEO of OrigamiUSA, in appreciation of her work as an origami ambassador.