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Welcome to The Fold, the online magazine of OrigamiUSA! On this page you will find links to current and past issues, including articles about folding in general, design, techniques, and, of course, diagrams! We hope you enjoy the magazine. Articles are added over the course of each 2-month issue, so check back regularly or subscribe to our RSS feed. Click on any keyword in the left menu to see all articles with that keyword, or see here for a pictorial listing of all diagrams.
by David Shall
With Easter just around the corner, it's the perfect season to fold this rabbit designed by David Shall.
How can you combine a convention in Italy with a convention in Mexico that are scheduled two weeks apart? Ilan Garibi explains.
by Matthew Wong
A piggy bank model from Hong Kong folder Matthew Wong.
For those of us who may not be familiar with Miguel de Unamuno, Patrick Maynard presents an intriguing look at a noted Spanish scholar and his love for his pajarita.
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Diagrams for a flower folded from a hexagon. Like many polygonal designs, the flower can also be transposed to pentagons, heptagons, and octagons. Also includes how to fold a hexagon from a square.
Eric Vigier shares his methods for wet folding and presents a model and diagrams for practice.
Son Linh NGUYEN offers us three pig models in our continuing celebration of the Year of the Pig.
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Viviane Berty shares the diagrams for her nymphéa (water lily).
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by Craig Hunter
Diagrams for Fish Hook Module with details of how to build a cube and an octahedron. The modules are edge modules, and most polyhedra can be built, except those that have five or more edges meeting at a vertex.
James Peake shares his fond and lasting memories of Laura Kruskal (1923-2019).