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Welcome to The Fold, the online magazine of OrigamiUSA! On this page you will find links to current and past issues, including articles about folding in general, design, techniques, and, of course, diagrams! We hope you enjoy the magazine. Articles are added over the course of each 2-month issue, so check back regularly or subscribe to our RSS feed. Click on any keyword in the left menu to see all articles with that keyword, or see here for a pictorial listing of all diagrams.
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A fun filled convention paired with the Day of the Dead festivities makes it an unique experience. The sightseeing is an absolute must for immersing yourself in ancient and modern history all at once.
From ancient Persia, the Bull Capital is remade by folding.
Continuing our spotlight of Community Origami Groups, we take a look at a group down under!
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Diagrams for a rooster by Giang Dinh in honor of the 2017 Lunar New Year!
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Paolo Bascetta offers a new model to ring out 2016.
A new generation of creators is emerging, and their origami is from the other side of the sun. It is fresh, alternative, unique, not easy to understand, but has many layers of inner beauty. Here are ten questions, nine answers, and a single model to expose you to the inner side of Kurth Alexander!
Francesco Mancini has designed a simple Santa Claus.
Makoto Yamaguchi introduces us to a relatively new organization, the International Collegiate Origami Association (ICOA).
Xiaoxian Huang shares her new creation just in time for Christmas: a spiral tree.
Just when I decided to attend the Ultimate Origami Convention, I received an invitation to be one of the Guests of Honor. From end to start, I present to you my report and a conclusion – is it indeed the ultimate origami convention?