File downloads are electronic files that you read on your computer, iPad, tablet, Kindle, or other portable reader. They are not physical products; you buy them in The Source and then download them to your computer or directly to your reader.


You can buy file downloads within The Source just as you would buy any other product. There are no shipping charges on file download products. There is sales tax if your delivery or billing address is in New Jersey, USA.

After you have bought a file download, you will receive a link via email that lets you download the file any number of times, but you must be logged in to your website account for the download link to work. You do not have to be an OrigamiUSA member to buy a download, but if you are a current member (and are signed in), you'll receive a 10% discount on the purchase price.

Your file downloads are also always accessible under the Files tab of your user account when you are logged in.


You can sell your own file downloads in The Source. Read more about that.


File downloads are in PDF form, which is given in the title, e.g., "Flapping Bird [pdf]".

Please make sure your computer can handle PDFs before you buy. All download sales are final; there are no refunds on file downloads.

Note that you will see both "file downloads" and "e-books" on the site. What's the difference? Typically a "file download" will be instructions for a single figure. An "e-book" will be an anthology or collection (or the electronic version of a physical book).

Once you've bought a file download, the link will remain live indefinitely, but this could change in the future. In addition, if a product is withdrawn due to author request or removal of an author from our program, their products' download links will cease immediately, and we can't guarantee that we'll be able to keep the download program running forever; the day might come when we'll have to cease making them available. So be sure to download your files immediately after you purchase them and back them up, just to be safe.

Terms and Conditions

You are buying the downloaded file for your own personal use, not for redistribution. There is no machine-specific copy protection on any of the files, but please do not give copies of your downloads to other people. We hope that people will support the sale of single diagrams and e-books, thereby encouraging authors to continue to make their diagrams available in this way.

OrigamiUSA performs a cursory review of submitted diagrams to look for egregious violations of quality and copyright, but we cannot warrant the clarity, originality or noninfringement of anything offered for sale; warranty for fitness and noninfringement is the responsibility of the author/submitter. Questions about originality, clarity, completeness, etc., should be directed to the author/submitters, not to OrigamiUSA. You may also post a comment on any product that you have purchased. All comments are moderated. Please be civil and constructive; remember, the sellers are real people with real feelings.

For questions of copyright, OrigamiUSA will comply with infringement notices filed in accordance with the DMCA and/or other applicable laws. Send any such issues to copyright [at] origamiusa.org.