Origami is alive and well in America. Thanks to the dedication of Lillian Oppenheimer, founder of The Origami Center of America, for over 30 years there has been a place to share origami experiences and purchase origami supplies.

OrigamiUSA, formerly The Friends of The Origami Center of America, is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, educational and cultural arts organization which is dedicated to the sharing of paperfolding in America and around the world. There are over 1600 members in 49 states and 19 countries and there are local-area OrigamiUSA groups in cities all over the United States and Canada.

OrigamiUSA is headquartered autonomously in New York City's American Museum of Natural History through the generosity of the Museum Trustees. It is staffed primarily by volunteers and maintains the largest origami library in the world, as well as hundreds of diagrams of unpublished models. OrigamiUSA holds classes, workshops and an annual convention. It publishes a quarterly magazine, instruction booklets and the Annual Collection (a 300-page compilation of original models), and maintains a lending library which is available to OrigamiUSA members. OrigamiUSA is an excellent source for origami books and supplies. Its mail-order-only supply center, The Origami Source, sells a tremendous variety of origami books, papers, and videos.

In this section of the site, you'll learn more about the organization, how it operates, and the volunteers that keep it running and carry on the vision set out by Lillian over 50 years ago. Click on any of the links below for further information.

Join Us

Membership information: how to join, what you get, and the various membership levels.

Donate to Us

We're wholly non-profit, run almost entirely by volunteers. While dues and event registrations help, you can help too by making a donation to OrigamiUSA. And if you do, we've got a little special thank-you!

Contact Us

Here's how to reach us.

Who's Who

Here is a who's who of the OrigamiUSA organization, listing our officers, Board of Directors, Committees, and links to reach them.

Mission and Values

Our mission and core values. These drive all our activities.


We have several funds and awards to recognize and facilitate contributions to the world of origami.

Bylaws, Policies and Procedures

(Members only) How we are governed and how we operate.


(Members only) Information about the election, statements by the candidates, and statements from past years' elections. Elections for the Board of Directors are held every year.

Board Documents

(Members only) Here are records of our past organizational activities: Board Notes (of Board meetings), Annual Meeting minutes, and selected financials. Ever wondered what Board members do? Thought about becoming one? Find out more here.


Our History page has information about how origami got going in the US. Or, if you remember "the early days" of American origami, send us your own reminisces and we'll add them to our collection.

In Memoriam

Learn about some of the founders of OrigamiUSA and greats of origami who have passed on to the great beyond.