This page contains archives of Board activities and financial information about the organization.

Current Management Notes

The OrigamiUSA Board of Directors meets monthly. Minutes of the Board meetings are kept in the Home Office and, in accordance with New York State nonprofit laws, are available for inspection by any member. Please contact the Home Office to make an appointment. In addition to the formal Minutes, we prepare Management Notes (formerly "Board Notes"), a less-formal (but, we hope, more informative) discussion of the major topic of discussion and decisions. The most recent posted Management Notes is below.

Management Notes Archives

Annual Meeting Minutes

The Annual Meeting is held each year at the Annual Convention in June.

Financial Reports

At each Annual meeting there is a financial report. Note that the most recent financial report will always be for the financials of the year preceding the most recent Annual Meeting.

History of the Board

The file below is a spreadsheet listing everyone who has served on the Board since the beginning of the organization.

File BOARD_HISTORY_2019-06.xlsx27.34 KB