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With The Paper magazine you will enjoy a carefully crafted publication, with excellent photographs and articles by origamists from all over the world. It is a magazine that many members choose to collect for the quality of its articles that range from historical aspects of paperfolding to the latest origami techniques and its applications in science, technology, education and design, in addition to diagrams, interviews and book reviews.

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The Paper encourages members to contact us at thepaper [at] origamiusa.org with ideas for stories or diagrams. We will follow up with you to discuss your idea and provide the basic editorial guidelines. You may also submit work via our online submission form; it will be reviewed and you will be notified if it is accepted for publication. There is no deadline for submissions.

If you have any questions, send us an email at thepaper [at] origamiusa.org.

The Paper Issue 138 (Spring 2022)

32 pages
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  • Origami in the Garden, by Barbara Bentree
  • A Crease to Build a Dream On, by David Casey
  • Introduction to Box Pleating Studio, by Mu-Tsun Tsai
  • Origami Zen and the Entropy by Tom Conally
  • Does Origami Have a Future in the World of NFTs? Interview with Tadashi Mori by Laura Rozenberg

From the Home-Office

  • President's Letter
  • Spring Fold Fest, Second Edition!
  • Obituary: Mark Bolitho
  • News from The Source


  • Peace Sign, by Sy Chen
  • Sneakers, by Paul Jackson
  • Lark Box, by Paul Jackson
  • Car, by Hadi Tahir