Origami by Children 2013. Photos by Mary Gordon.

Welcome to OrigamiUSA

We are the American national society devoted to origami, the art of paperfolding.

Origami is for anyone, anywhere, any time!

Our website is the place to find diagrams to fold from, shop for origami books, paper, and downloadable diagrams, and find events from our calendar such as our fantastic Conventions that bring folders together from all over the world. Find an origami group near you or read our online magazine for more diagrams and great articles. Join us and you receive our print magazine. Experience the joy of paperfolding!

Current News

OrigamiUSA Convention 2024

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FoldFest Spring 2024

FoldFest Spring 2024 is over. Unable to attend? You can still order the recordings!

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Shop the Source

Shop for Books

See and buy the latest books from The Origami Source, our online store.

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Shop for PDF Diagrams

Purchase downloadable PDF diagrams from creators all over the world.

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Shop for Paper

See and buy the latest paper from The Origami Source.

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Take Classes

Take Classes in NYC

Attend origami classes at the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

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Learn from a Video

Learn to fold from a video recording of one of our great past classes.

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Connect with Community

There are origami groups meeting all over the world! Find a group close to you, or add your own group to our list.

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Folding Sundays are monthly meetings in New York City that encourage paperfolders to get together, teach each other, and exchange ideas.

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Read <em>The Paper</em>

Preview the current issue of The Paper, our print magazine or download a PDF version.

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Read <em>The Fold</em>

Read the current issue of The Fold, our online magazine with articles, diagrams, and more.

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Download Diagrams

Download PDF instructional diagrams from our free collection, our online magazine, or for sale from the online store.

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Borrow an Origami Book

Borrow an origami book by mail from our world-class lending library, or order a PDF excerpt via email.

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