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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions asked about the art of origami, OrigamiUSA, and this website.

Downloadable Diagrams

We have a small collection of origami diagrams and instructions that are freely downloadable and freely usable for non-commercial activities. For information about commercial usage, please contact us and tell us what you have in mind.

Diagrams from The Fold

Our online magazine, The Fold, has published many diagrams, many of never-before-published designs, and this page gathers them in one place. For information about commercial usage, please contact the author (see the byline on the article) and describe what you have in mind.

Art Gallery

Browse a gallery of world-class origami artworks by internationally know origami artists, showcasing the latest in what is possible, all shot by profession photographer Lynton Gardiner for OrigamiUSA.

Lending Library

OrigamiUSA's Lending Library is a circulating library that operates via mail. Any current member in the USA can borrow from our collection of origami materials including rare, out-of-print, and hard-to-find publications.

Research Library

The OrigamiUSA Research Library is a non-circulating collection located in New York City that can be accessed by appointment.

Find an Origami Group

There are origami groups in many countries around the world as well as local groups in many cities in the U.S.. Looking for fellow folders? You can find a listing of all the groups we know about. Starting your own folding group? Send us your contact information and we'll add it to the list.

Mailing Lists and Social Networks

Origami is a worldwide community and there are mailing lists and forums on the internet that are devoted to origami, including our own OrigamiUSA discussion group and the granddaddy of all origami mailing lists, Origami-L.

Glossary of Origami Terms

Our glossary contains definitions for the most common English-language origami terms (and a few uncommon ones as well).

Origami Difficulty Ratings

What does "Don't get in over your head" really mean? This listing gives guidelines and examples for the difficulty ratings we use in our classes.

Teaching Tips

If you're thinking of teaching an origami class, check out our list of tips and techniques for a successful teaching experience.

Classroom Etiquette

And if you're on the other side of the paper from the teacher, check out our list of tips and techniques for students to insure a happy and successful origami learning experience!