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OrigamiUSA relies on your support for providing year around programs to educate, support and expand our mission of spreading the joy and beauty of this great art form.

Past accomplishments include support to the Mingei International Museum and The Parrish Art Museum for the Origami Masterworks exhibition, which has been getting rave reviews from both coasts. We have two conventions this year, the Annual Convention and the Pacific Coast Origami Conference. We still continue to provide services such as the lending library, The Paper, our online magazine The Fold, awards and scholarships, The Source, Origami By Children, the holiday tree at the American Museum of Natural History, support for local groups, and many others.

Your gift will help us sustain and further expand our base for such programs. Membership dues only cover 20% of our budget. A gift to OrigamiUSA is fully tax-deductible. As a special thank you, for a gift of $60 or more, you will receive a custom made DVD titled Portraits of the Origami Artist. (see below for details). For a gift of $100 you can receive two copies of this DVD (give one to a friend). To make a donation, send your check to OrigamiUSA, 15 W. 77th St., New York, NY 10024-5192 or, for the quickest turnaround, click on the "Donate" link to the right to make an online donation.

DVD Cover

Portraits of the Origami Artist

Green Fuse Films, producer of the award-winning origami documentary Between the Folds and OrigamiUSA present this unique documentary focusing on leading pioneers working with origami, not only as fine art, but also its groundbreaking role in education and wellness. Portraits of the Origami Artist folds together major exhibits, extraordinary educational projects, intimate conversations, and spectacular demonstrations. Experience these diverse origami artists' work to see just how beautifully the world can be shaped with paper.

Portraits of the Origami Artist is not a film; it is a series of interviews with various origami artists and includes quite a bit of footage that was not included in the documentary. It also has footage from two of our conventions including the paper airplane contest. Think of it like a "bonus" DVD—though it has much more than the usual "bonus features!" Portraits is only available for a donation of $60 or more. A donation of $100 or more and you will receive two copies (give one as a gift).


Six Artists: On Origami, Origametria, Enrichment Art Therapy, Making Waves, Miri Golan, Bernie Peyton, David Lister, Tomoko Fuse, Michael LaFosse, Robert Lang, V'Ann Cornelius, Toshikazu Kawasaki, Satoshi Kamiya, A Day at Convention, Paper Planes!, Concentration.
Running time approx 1:27

Questions? Email us at fundraising [at] origamiusa [dot] org.