Mission Statement

OrigamiUSA's mission is to share the joy of paperfolding, preserve its history, nurture its growth, bring people together and encourage community among paperfolders.


The core values of OrigamiUSA provide guidelines to the decisions of the Board of Directors, Executive Director and operational management. These values have roots in the history of our organization and are reflective of our mission and the intentions of our founders: Lillian Oppenheimer, Alice Gray and Michael Shall.

Our official slogan comes from founder, Michael Shall:

Origami is for anyone, anywhere, any time!

The Values:

  • Sharing — We promote community among those who share in the joy of origami.
  • Inclusiveness — We embrace all folders regardless of their age, ability and interest.
  • Diversity of application — We promote the diverse use of origami and foster growth in art, education, math, science, engineering, therapy, recreation and entertainment.
  • Respect — We promote respect for all members of the origami community.
  • The Peace of Paper — The art of origami can be relaxing, engaging and meditative. We promote origami as a means to foster peace and understanding between people and cultures.

OrigamiUSA is a non-religious, non-political organization.