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The Fold

OrigamiUSA's online publication, The Fold publishes continously throughout the year, with new articles averaging once a week. OrigamiUSA publishes this magazine for members and visitors with a mix of members-only and open-access content consisting of articles, diagrams, videos, animations, and more.

The Paper

Our print publication for our members, The Paper, comes out 3–4 times per year. Containing articles about happenings in OrigamiUSA and the world and a regular selection of diagrams both new and historic, photographs of folders and their art, and more! Here you'll find a link to tables of contents of past issues and cover pictures.

The Origami Collection

The Origami Collection is our annual book publication. Every year OrigamiUSA publishes a book of diagrams for the latest creations by folders from around the world. You'll find listings of tables of contents for all back issues and links to our store, The Origami Source, to buy copies that are still in print.

Other OrigamiUSA Publications

We occasionally publish other collections of origami instructions in book form. You'll find descriptions and their contents, as well as links to The Source to obtain any that strike your fancy.

Commercial Books

We have contributed to several commercial books, notably the proceedings of the various OSME conferences on origami math and science.

Miscellaneous Articles

Over the years, our members have written various articles, essays, and interviews that we are pleased to feature.


If you'd like to submit diagrams for publication in The Origami Collection, The Paper, The Fold, or for use at Special Sessions, please fill out our online permission form, available here. If you have questions about what constitutes acceptable usage of origami materials such as diagrams and artwork, check out our discussion of copyright and frequently asked questions document.

Copyright Policy

While we strongly feel that our mission is devoted to sharing the joy of paperfolding, at OrigamiUSA, we strive to honor the rights of all artists involved in the world of origami: creators, diagrammers, and folders. It's not just the law: it's a matter of respect to the artists. Here you can find a discussion of copyright as it applies to origami and links to frequently asked questions about origami copyright.