Are you wondering what classes will be like at an in-person OrigamiUSA convention? Folders come together to meet old friends, make new friends, and learn some awesome new origami models and techniques.

We hope the suggestions below will help you have a great experience when you take a class.

  • Bring paper and supplies to the class. You will receive a package of kami in your convention packet, or you can bring your own paper. Some teachers provide special paper and/or supplies when needed. However, some classes have specific requirements, which appear in the class description, so be sure to check that before you go!

  • Please arrive on time.

  • Be aware that diagrams are usually not distributed in a class. It is fine to take brief notes or take photos of the folding process so that you can remember the steps later.

  • Teachers usually welcome questions during class. If you start to fall behind, please ask the teacher to wait. If you get too far behind, teachers and fellow students will most often be happy to help you outside of the class.

  • It’s most enjoyable to take classes at your origami skill level, if you are not sure what your level is, check our guidelines for origami difficulty ratings.

  • If you feel too challenged it is fine to decide just to observe or to politely leave the class. Don’t worry! You will become better at knowing which classes are at the right skill level for you.

We wish you an enjoyable time in your Convention classes.