Date and time
Saturday, February 5, 2022, 10:00 am to 12:30 pm EST
Zoom platform
Sponsored by OrigamiUSA
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The United to Fold gathering will be a bit different in this particular occasion... I ended up with some half folded models from the Origami World Marathon 2, but I haven't been very motivated to watch the videos and finish them in my solitude. It would be so different if I had some origami company... have you ever felt that too? Then I remembered what it was like to have school assignments, share a table with classmates after school at the library, and each one doing their own thing but all of us feeling accompanied. That's what this activity will be about!

As usual, it'll all be through the Zoom platform. We'll start the gathering with all of us folding a simple model together. After that, if we're a big number, I'll divide you into smaller groups to start the LOL activity. If you want to participate, please (1) have ready some models for you to fold on your own, you can–for example–have a couple of diagrams with you, (2) have and use your webcam; this is important, so we all indeed feel accompanied and acknowledged, (3) during the activity, go ahead and fold, chit-chat with the rest, share what you're folding, ask for help if you need to, etc. (4) but no giving workshops! That's the whole point of LOL; there are plenty of online origami workshops year round–including our traditional United to Fold gatherings; so let's make something different out of Like Origami in a Library.

If you wish to participate, email me. I will ask you to first add me among your contacts and whitelist my email address; I'll provide a guide explaining how to do that: gerardo(a)

It's important that you:


Gerardo: gerardo(a)