Here are a few guidelines for posting events on the OrigamiUSA Calendar.

  • Topics: Events should be about origami (and not, for example, other paper-crafts, even if they might be of interest to origami people.)

  • Duration: Posted events should be of limited duration. You can post about events that have a definite start and end time, but not things that run continuously without end. If you have weekly or monthly activities, that's fine! Just post a separate event for each one.

  • Type: Please check the boxes that apply to your event (whether it is online, a convention-style event, exhibition, and/or whether there is a fee to attend). This will help people who are looking for a particular type of event on the calendar.

  • Start/End Date and Time: Please note that the start/end date and time should be that of the event, and not, for example, the registration period.

  • Location: For online events, for the location please enter "Online."

  • Changes: If you need to change anything about your event, you are welcome to edit it at any time. If it has to be cancelled, we suggest you leave it on the calendar but add "CANCELLED" to the end of the title.

If you have any questions, please contact the Calendar Editor at calendar [at]