Achatina snail

Snail [pdf]

simple package for gift

Package for Popcorn [pdf]

real hat on the head

Samurai Helmet [pdf]

a bag for gift

The Closed Bag [pdf]

simple money duck

Dollar Duck [pdf]

envelope with iris for giving a gift

Iris on the Envelope for Gift and Money [pdf]

envelope for holiday, for giving a gift, money inside

Envelope with a Flower for Money [pdf]

simple dollar butterfly in only 6 steps

Dollar Butterfly [pdf]

pagoda on the envelope

Pagoda on the Envelope [pdf]

jet fighter model

Jet Fighter [pdf]

basket for gift

Basket [pdf]

eagle from dollar

Dollar Eagle Vulture [pdf]

origami man, simple model

Little Man [pdf]

toy model, origami toy bird,

Toy Action Bird [pdf]

origami basket for gift and flowers

Flower Basket [pdf]