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Advent of Tessellations, my popular free mini-tessellation challenge, teaches how to fold the first repeat of 25 progressively-harder tessellations over 25 days.

The crease patterns available through the challenge cover only that initial repeat on a 16-fold triangle grid on a hexagon, and also point out key features - the choices made in the tessellation.

This ebook has all 25 Advent of Tess challenge patterns from 2022 in mini and full (64-fold) forms, as well as the full crease patterns for 25 alternative endings for those mini starts.

Having the larger crease pattern helps you to fold more repeats of these mini tessellations by letting you see how much grid is needed for the next set of repeats, see how all the twists are connected between repeats, and to learn common structures for repeating these motifs.

You'll also see how I integrate some unusual twists into these straightforward starts and get a coupon code for $35 off of Tessellation Garden, my collection of 430+ original designs!

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Madonna Yoder