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Designed by: Kunwar Quatromini
Diagrammed by: Ryosuke Sakurai

The Anomalous Box

A beautifully decorative, yet sturdy box with a teapot style lid, and reinforcing cradle insert. Both the base and lid have decorative panels. The box uses just 3 equally sized sheets of paper, and works well at a range of sizes.

Uniquely designed using 3 different bases (Bird base, and 2 different ratios of box pleat). The Anomalous box is fun and economical to fold, and gives a clean, symmetrical look, with the option of various colour combinations. Once finished, it holds together securely, and keeps it's shape well.

Perfect as a gift, chocolate or display storage box, strong enough to hold a weighty load (dependent on paper used / model size). The Anomalous Box will sit nicely on any shelf or windowsill.

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Kunwar Quatromini