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20 feline models by various artists. Models include the Cat's Head - Traditional, Rear-view Cat - Wayne Brown, The Cat That Got The Cream - Nick Robinson, Cat Card - Nick Robinson, 3D Cat Head - Nick Robinson, Cat in a Box - Nick Robinson, Cheshire Cat - Nick Robinson, Cat Envelope - Michel Grand, Adorable Cat - Stéphane Gigandet, Cat Box - Gay Merrill Gross, Kitty - Gay Merrill Gross, Seated Cat - Gilad Aharoni, Walking Cat - Lee Armstrong, Nicolas's Cat - Nicolas Terry Neko Bookmark - Jo Nakashima, Halloween Cat - David Petty, Sleepy Cat - Hiroaki Takai, White Socks - Jun Maekawa, Gigi - Robin Glynn and Nosy Cat - Oriol Esteve. Projects are rated according to difficulty by means of a one-to-five paw rating, and a brief introductory chapter explains folding techniques and suggestions for how to choose the most appropriate origami paper. Book includes pictorial table of contents, color photos of all models, clear color diagrams with text descriptions on each step, and size of model in relation to size of paper. 144 pp. PB. (S-HI)