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Each model in this book has a description of its Chinese cultural meaning. Learn what model to fold for gifts to wish somebody joy, good fortune, longevity, peace. Explore the symbolic meaning of the objects such as lucky money, red envelopes, rice dumplings and lanterns during Chinese festivals. Models include Red Envelope for Lucky Money, Fish, Gold Ingot, Candy Box, Tiger, Zongzi Bundle, Toad, Moon Cake Box, Lantern, Rabbit, Awning Boat, Lotus Flower, Pagoda, Magpie, Deer Peacock, Flower Basket, Bamboo, Flower Vase, Squirrel, Butterfly, Crane, Turtle, and Peach. The book also has a section for learning how to fold and assemble flowers from stem, leaves, calyx, blossoms, pistil and stamens. Flowers include the Chinese Narcissus, Plum Blossom, Cineraria, Tulip, Calla Lily, Amaryllis, Lily, Easter Lily, Bell Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Daffodil, Chinese Bellflower, Primrose, Azalea, and Sunflower. 148 pages HB (S-HI)

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