Chiyogami Half Sheet Floral

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Brilliant and intense color patterns with gold metallic overlays are silk-screened by hand onto high quality kozo paper. Originally used for paper dolls and decoration of tins and boxes, Chiyogami paper is also used in a variety of arts and crafts such as: collage, bookbinding, origami, jewelry, design, home decor and more.
Paper is a half sheet ~25 x 19 inches

CLEARANCE — Orders will be accepted until product is gone. Please don't order more than the quantity remaining, which is: Camelia (1), Cherry Blossom Blue (0), Cherry Blossom Blue Stars (3), Cherry Blossom Pink (1), Cherry Blossoms Lavendar (1), Filigree (3), Gold Blossom Burst (4), Green Color Splash (3), Green Leaves (1), Grey Ribbon Flowers (4), Large Blue Flowers with Leaves (1), Pink Fall Leaves (4), Purple Flowers on Yellow (4), Purple Passion (1), Red Roses (4), Small Cherry Blossom Gold (1), Small Cherry Blossom Pink (2), Small Gold Flowers and Leaves (0), White Flowers with Purple Lines (4)