Christmas Present -Santa Claus-
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Creator: NISHIKAWA Seiji
Diagrammer: KOMATSU Hideo
Details: This color-change Santa Claus is a clearly-diagramed, intermediate model in 35 steps on 4 pages, accessible and entertaining to folders of all levels. Fold one to give on its own as a gift, or use it as a container for another gift as Santa's bag is hollow and lockable, ready to contain lots of holiday presents! This model folds easily from ordinary kami paper: a 6" square yields a model around 2.75" tall, perfect to fit a piece of candy or jewelry. Fold one for someone special this holiday season!
This model was designed in 2000. These diagrams were first published in the Origami Tanteidan Magazine No. 64, 2000.

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Seiji Nishikawa