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Fumiaki Kawahata shares his experience and tips for designing origami models. There are 39 models including Cat, Scottish Terrier, Maple Leaf, Kingfisher, Gassho-Zukuri, Moai, Giant Panda, Rabbit, Prairie Dog, Gorilla, Giant Anteater, Pelican, Unicorn, Monk, Catfish, Swan, Humphead Wrasse, Manta, Georgia Flag, Four-leaf Clover, Maple, Bat, Footballfish, Piranha, Grampus, Cat face, Snail, Sheep, Nautilus Object, Ladybug, Shark, Khufu's Pyramid, Sphinx, Sea turtle, Frog, Nun, Tyrannosaurus, Fox, and Hippocampus. The book is separated in three sections: Folding in Beauty for learning 3D designs, Designing a Folding Process to learn sequences and Thinking About a Design for creating patterns. Diagrams are in color to differentiate both sides of the paper and have traditional folding symbols as well as Japanese directions. Crease patterns are also provided with the diagrams. A unique tool for this book is that there are key folding sequences that are explained in video (QR code) at back of book to help learn the model.

192 pp. PB. (HI-C) #B22-012