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Handmade duo tissue foil sold as a single sheet. Paper is thicker (95 gsm) than other tissue foil on the site, yet folds and holds shapes very well. The production of the paper minimize wrinkles. These 24 cm (~9.5 inches) sheets provide a vivid canvas for working on models or can be cut down if desired. Caution and care should be taken if trying complex or higher models as the thickness of the paper may not take well to color changes or tight reverse folds. The Primary colors of each paper have a Pearl finish while the secondary colors of each paper have the same metallic or mottled effect that the special tissue foils have as their primary color. There are twelve duo colors to choose from; please select when ordering.

CLEARANCE—Orders will be accepted until product is gone. Please don't order more than the quantity remaining, which is: Gold Pearl - Yellow (1).